Mr. Lou Lentine

Mr. Lou Lentine, the founder and President of Viatek Consumer Products Inc. Chattanooga, TN. USA, is the person who holds the key position within the organization. He assures that new innovations are developed, manufactured, and marketed throughout the world. There is no doubt that he is the mastermind behind Viatek products. His strong entrepreneurial skills and work ethic has landed him great success.
But, it doesn’t endsthere. Lou takes great pride in helping others. He takes a profound interest in his employee’s wellbeing and helps them solve problems. He is also a philanthropist at heart. He cares deeply for those who have suffered life threatening diseases such as cancer and aids. He regularly donates to organizations that seek to find cures or eliminate such ailments on a non-profit basis.
After completing his education in Florida, Lou found himself thoroughly engaged within the business of designing, developing, and manufacturing consumer products. But how did Lou get started?
We have all heard the all too common saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Due to such a high demand for personal and household products that solve a problem, Lou devised a plan to make his dreams a reality. Throughout the entire process, he was assisted by his sincere and dedicated team.
It is through sincerity, dedication and honesty that companies flourish and experience the benefits of success. Throughout the years, Viatek Consumer Productshas grabbed the attention of customers for their products that are easy to use, perfectly designed, and have the ability to save time and money. The sales and use of Viatek Products has extended to more than 70 countries of the world and has gained massive popularity.
Impressed by the enchanting success of Viatek Products throughout the world, many of the world’s top inventors of different types of gadgets and devices came into contact with Lou Lentine to collaborate. Lou enthusiastically joined hands with them as they mirrored the business goals of Viatek Consumer Products. At the moment, more than fifty international companies are selling their inventions under the umbrella of Viatek Products.
Along with products of affiliates, Mr. Lou Lentine is progressively moving towards providing the very best of utility home products to the people all over the world. These products are available on-line 24 hours a day and also on designated and selected retail Giant stores on every corner of the world.

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